1st firefighter monitoring system

—Aegis Command System

Multi-function detector

Command Pad

Intelligence Watch

Charger for Multi-Function Detector

Charger for Intelligence watch

How does ACS
protect firefighters?

〝Aegis Command System” (ACS) is a disaster relief monitoring system. The main purpose of the ACS is to monitor the personal physiological signals of firefighters when they are on duty in the fire.

Why choose ACS?

Enclosed wireless System

High performance, long range wireless and ultra-low power consumption.


All data will be saved in the cloud and analyzed for the further staff training course and medical research.


The functional clothes with integrated smart textile technology detect and transmit physiological signals. They are conformable to the human body.


By providing direct feedback to the outside commander, they improve their awareness and potentially allow better control of their own condition, while the simultaneous recording of vital signs contributes to produce alert messages of the firefighter’s health.

Brand story

Founded in 1998, UUPSAFETY is providing high-quality personal protective equipment and systems for firefighters. To create a safer world for heroes is our ambition. Durability, comfort, safety, quality and innovation are hallmarks of our product line.
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